NFL Predictions 2014-NFL East

by Mark Neal posted Aug 18 2014 12:06PM
We will be doing our NFL division predictions, one division at a is the NFC East! Your thoughts and comments are welcome!

Tomorrow: NFC North

1. Philadelphia Eagles...Chip Kelly came in and changed the face of the Eagles. His offense and his style led to a great year and a playoff trip. Nick Foles was a huge reason. Foles had an incredible year at QB, getting the ball to the right people at the right time. Getting the ball to LeSean McCoy will be a big initiative again in 2014. Shady had a monster year, and is in line to do so again. No DeSean Jackson also makes everyone have to step up for Philly. The defense is a major question mark, ranking 29th in 2013. They have to get to the QB and compliment a dynamic, fast paced offense. Are they a good team, or just the best team in a bad division? That will be the question worth answering as the season rolls along.

2. Washington Redskins...New Head Coach and an intriguing offense makes me put the 'Skins in the 2 hole. I am no fan of RGIII, but adding DeSean Jackson to go with Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed in the pass game will benefit him greatly. Throw in Alfred Morris on the ground and Washington should be able to score points. Can RGIII stay healthy? They hope so. Jay Gruden comes over from Cincinnati and should add a more stable clubhouse than the one Mike Shanahan created. Will he be a better coach? Another great question. This might not be a playoff team, but they should look like a better team. No 1st Rd pick, especially #2 overall, didn't help this group, or a middle of the road defense.

3. Dallas Cowboys...As a life long Cowboys fan, it hurts to see the team they are today. Bad drafts and poor free agent choices have brought this flagship NFL franchise to the low point they are at now. Tony Romo still has gas in the tank, and is much better than the player he is made out to be by fans. So much is on his shoulders every game, mistakes are bound to happen. Outside of Dez Bryant, the WR group is slim, but Dez is incredible. Jason Witten may have one good season left, but maybe not? DeMarco Murray is just not hurt yet, but will be soon enough, I'm sure. The defense was a joke in 2013...worst in the NFL. Did it improve? Not a chance, especially with Sean Lee out with another ACL injury. Look for more shoot outs in Big D in 2014, and another high pick in the 2015 Draft.

4. New York Giants...They have Eli Manning! Did I mention they have Eli Manning? I expect very little from the Giants in 2014. A revamped OL will put Eli on the run, which is certainly not his strong point. The offense has been tailored to get the ball out quickly, because they have no other choice. Who do they throw the ball to? Who gets the carries? This is the worst offense of Eli's career. Couple that with a league leading 27 Ints in 2013, and it could get ugly in the Big Apple. The defense was surprisingly strong in 2013, ranking 8th in total D, but the offense and defense work together on game day...this offense will be no help to them. I do like the front 4 of the defense, if they have a monster 2014, maybe there is hope? Probably not though.
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NFL Predictions 2014-NFL East
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