Penn Station Athlete of the Month, November 2016 – Nora Fullenkamp

Channel 2's Jack Pohl, Deb Osterfeld from Penn Station and HOT 102.9's own Ryan Drake
Channel 2’s Jack Pohl, Deb Osterfeld from Penn Station and HOT 102.9’s own Ryan Drake

Sport: Swimming

GPA: 3.77

School: Centerville High School
500 East Franklin St Centerville, OH 45459

Athletic Director: Rob Dement

Parents: Mike and Jennifer Fullenkamp

Sibling/s: Luke Fullenkamp

Favorite Penn Station Restaurant: Bellbrook

Favorite Penn Station Sandwich: Dagwood

Extracurricular Activities: National Honors Society, Elk connectors, Lunch buddies, Leadership Council

Favorite Book: Percy Jackson Series Role Models: My mom

Sports Hero: Simone Manuel

Greatest Achievement So Far: Qualifying for the 2016 Olympic time trials

Plans After High School: I plan to attend the University of Kentucky to swim and either study exercise science or education.

How has participating in high school athletics benefited you? I have been able to practice swimming at bigger meets, made a ton of new friends and memories. I have had the ability to be a leader and role model to those coming in after me.

What made you decide to play the sport for which you were named the Penn Station Athlete of the Month? I have always loved swimming, competing and getting to meet new people.

Quote from Athletic Director: “Nora is a better person than she is a swimmer and that is saying a lot!!” – Rob Dement, Athletic Director

Quote from Principal: “Super proud of how Nora represents our school and community!!” – John Carroll, Coordinating Principal

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