Penn Station Athlete of the Month

October: Alicia Hansen
GPA- 3.9
Bishop Fenwick High School
4885 State Route 122
Franklin, OH 45005
AD: Jon Payne
Greatest Achievement: Have not attained it yet.
Parents: Marianne & Doug
Sibling(s): Andrew
Favorite Penn Station Sandwich: Ham & Cheese
Favorite Penn Station Store: Miamisburg
Favorite Movie: Friday Night Lights
Favorite Book: The Fault in Our Stars
Role Model: My grandpa
Extracurricular Activities: Softball, Athletic training, Student council

How has participating in high school athletics benefited you?
“It’s taught me time management and integrity. I’ve also met some of my best
Sports Hero: Michael Jordan
What made you decide to play the sport for which you were named the Penn
Station Athlete of the Month? “My brother & dad played baseball and I
wanted to be like them, so I joined.”
Plans after high school: “To go to college for softball.”
Quote from Coach:
“Alicia is one of the hardest working kids I have ever met. She is always
looking for ways to improve on and off the field. She is dedicated to everything
she does and has the potential to do great things in softball and in life.”
 -Tyler Callahan
“Alicia exemplifies the model Fenwick student. Approachable, involved, skilled
and motivated, Alicia thrives at all she does. Her peers look to her for
 -Andy Barczak, Principal
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Location : FranklinOhio
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