Source: YouTube

The City of West Carrollton is set to receive $3 million in public funding for the city’s Riverfront Development project. The project will see the inclusion of a surfing feature near an improved low head dam, as well as a bypass channel with whitewater features for recreational use.

“The Whitewater Park and River District has been a project 25 years in the making. This project will be transformational for the community and as the gateway into our city. Not only is this project going to have an economic impact on West Carrollton, but on the entire region.

“The West Carrollton River District Project is anticipated to be completed by 2030 with an estimated build value of $75 million. We will have 300 new jobs, equating to about $360,000 yearly in income tax,” said West Carrollton Mayor Jeff Sanner.

The area set to be improved is located near the Great Miami River along Exit 47 on I-75.