History of the Gem City Jam – Bring back Wright State vs Dayton Flyers on the Hardwood (2min VIDEO)

Mark Schlemmer calls it the biggest rivalry that never happens – And he is right. College basketball fans who live in the city of Dayton are very fortunate. They don’t only have one D1 college basketball team but they have two D1 college basketball teams. The Dayton Flyers and the Wright State Raiders.

Kentucky vs Louisville. Xavier vs Cincinnati. Duke vs North Carolina. These are just a few of the biggest college basketball rivalries that the sport has to offer and they all have the same common factor that Wright State and Dayton has. Geographical interest.

Here a few of the common arguments that you hear as to why these two teams won’t play:

  • UD doesn’t want to fill up the Nutter Center (Even if this is the case, it’s a very petty reason to keep a tremendous college basketball rivalry from the fans)


  • UD doesn’t want to give Wright State any publicity (If UD is as big as they think they are then it shouldn’t matter how much pub WSU gets – Besides WSU doesn’t need UD to make the NCAA Tournament. It’s straight fear if they do not want to play WSU)


  • UD doesn’t benefit or gain anything from playing Wright State (Not sure how much UD gains from playing Detroit from the Horizon League but yet they play them – Horrible excuse. Wright State is an NCAA Tournament┬ácaliber team now and a win over any tournament team is very valuable. Again, fear is what this comes out to perception wise)


  • UD wants a 2-1 or 3-1 contract (Wright State does not need to give in to the bullying tactics from UD – The Flyers are a great program but to act like that they should make the same demands that a school the likes of a Kentucky or Ohio State would make is laughable)

Regardless it’s not Wright State or UD that is impacted by not playing this game. It’s the local fans. There is no real excuse (good ones that is) to justify this rivalry not being displayed on the hardwood.

Enough is enough – Dayton. Wright State. Make it happen.



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