The Cleveland Browns caught the attention of their fan base when word came out that they had interviewed Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts. For the first time in decades it appears that the Browns have their franchise quarterback … Or does it?
I found it strange that the Browns would be talking with Jalen Hurts in a time that the Browns really need to address their issues on the defensive side of the ball. They have gone all in on the offensive side and they need to compliment the offense with efforts on strengthening the defense.
I then thought back to the Browns signing of Case Keenum – A three-year $18million deal which is a great get deal for a quality backup. But Case Keenum has had success as a starter in the National Football League and no quarterback sets out to be a backup QB in the league unless the market forces them to be. So why wouldn’t Case Keenum sign a one-year $6million deal? That’s the norm for backup QB’s as they don’t want to be married to a backup situation longterm as the QB market changes every off-season. Does Keenum really aspire to be Baker’s backup for the next three seasons? or was he presented with some behind the scenes doubt or info that would lead to him thinking he has a shot to be a starter in the near future?
I discussed on the show – check it out below: