Kinner’s 3 BIG Surprising Results from the Weekend’s NFL, College, & HS Football!

High school football Friday nights, College Football Saturday, & NFL Sundays – This is the BEST time of year for football fans. Every Monday we’ll dive into the biggest surprising results from the busy football weekends.

High School Football Friday Night: Fairmont Firebirds win on a game winning touchdown pass from Brock Baker

What a game that we had this past Friday night on 1410 ESPN Radio between the Fairmont Firebirds & the Miamisburg Vikings. Fairmont trailed 7-3 before a 10 yard touchdown pass from Brock Baker to Owen Olson made it 10-7 (extra point of course) with 12 seconds remaining. It was our Week 7 Game of the Week and easily the game of the night with that finish. 

Brock Baker had only attempted 3 total pass attempts heading into week 7. Baker finished the night completing 4 of his 6 pass attempts for 45 yards and a touchdown. The fact that this run first team showed that they can win through the air when push comes to shove shows that the Firebirds are more versatile than we are used too.

College Football: The Clemson Tigers remain undefeated following win over No. 10 NC State 

The Clemson Tigers knocked off No. 10 NC State 30-20 this past Saturday night – Now this result should not necessarily be looked at as a surprising finish BUT it is impressive considering how little respect the Tigers are getting five weeks into the season. The Clemson Tigers are undefeated at 5-0 and their win over Top 10 NC State is the Tigers second straight win over a ranked opponent. They have more ranked wins than any other program in the country at the moment but are currently sitting at No. 5 following. Alabama, Ohio State, & Georgia fans may not want to hear this but there is a real argument that could be made for Clemson being the No. 1 team in the country.

NFL: The Seahawks won in a shootout with the Lions 48-45

The Seahawks. The Lions. Yawn right? Well that wasn’t the case yesterday when both teams combined for 1,075 total yards, 12 total touchdowns, and 93 total points. The last thing you would expect in a showdown between Teddy Bridgewater and Jarred Gough is a shoot out but that is exactly what we got as both combined for 695 passing yards. It wasn’t the biggest game of the weekend but it was definitely the most entertaining.