Mike Greenberg salutes former partner as Mike Golic wraps up radio career
Bristol, CT - March 18, 2013: Studio E: Mike Greenberg (L) and Mike Golic on the set of Mike & Mike in The Morning (Photo by Rich Arden / ESPN Images)

Mike Golic Sr. will wrap up a 22 year ESPN radio career tomorrow morning (Friday, July 31st 2020). The final Golic & Wingo show will also be the last of the Hall of Fame radio career of Mike Golic who sports radio fans have loved for decades. Mike Greenberg, Golic’s former radio partner, honored golic with a two-minute tribute on ESPN’s Get Up. Check it out below.

You can tune in to the final episode Golic & Wingo tomorrow morning on ESPN 1410 WING-AM or you can stream the show right here at wingam.com.