Ohio State Is Not Off Limits

Bloomington, IN - August 31, 2017 - Memorial Stadium: Coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State University Buckeyes during a regular season game (Photo by Scott Clarke / ESPN Images)

Fans will be fans but in some cases, they get a bit over the top… and with this latest Ohio State Urban Meyer mess, the ugly head of foolish has reared its head once again.  Before you start calling me or Kinner names, hold on…. we are both OSU fans… but we are also sports talk hosts and your Buckeyes are not off limits.  Many of you think our comments or posts concerning Ohio State are only to ” hate ” or stir up calls and you are wrong.  Like it or not it is a National Story!!

You are more than welcome to write your comments or call in and be heard but when those comments turn into foolish like fighting or cussing, that’s over the top.  We would like it a lot more if OSU won every game and stayed out of the off-field issues but it happens and when it does, we will comment.

So for all of you now turning on my partner take a deep breath.  It’s a sports talk show and only opinions.



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