OHSAA Football Playoffs: How The Seeds Fared In The First Round

Dayton, Ohio (WING-AM) – In high school football here in the state of Ohio, the top 16 teams in each region qualify for the playoffs. The top 8 seeds in each region get to host a first round playoff game. Qualifying for the playoffs is the goal for every team in the state of Ohio but once you’re there the next most important thing is where you’re seeded.

Seeding matters big time and the numbers back it up. Especially the numbers that came out of the first round of the OHSAA football playoffs last weekend.

Did You Know? ….

  • All 28 1-Seeds went undefeated
  • Only 1 2-seed and 1 3-seed went down in the opening round of the playoffs
  • the No. 9 and No. 10 seeds went a combined 31-25 playing on the road Friday in the first round of the playoffs.
  • The home teams (Top 8 Seeds) went a combined 178-46 in the first round.

The OHSAA released the combined records of each seed in the first round – Results below: 

No. 1 seed: 28-0

No. 2 seed: 27-1

No. 3 seed: 27-1

No. 4 seed: 21-7

No. 5 seed: 26-2

No. 6 seed: 24-4

No. 7 seed: 13-15

No. 8 seed: 12-16

No. 9 seed: 16-12 (played at No. 8 seed)

No. 10 seed: 15-13 (played at No. 7 seed)

No. 11 seed: 4-24 (played at No. 6 seed)

No. 12 seed: 2-26 (played at No. 5 seed)

No. 13 seed: 7-21 (played at No. 4 seed)

No. 14 seed: 1-27 (played at No. 3 seed)

No. 15 seed: 1-27 (played at No. 2 seed)

No. 16 seed: 0-28 (played at No. 1 seed)