Penn Station Athlete of the Month, December 2016 – Abby McNamara

Sport: Soccer

GPA: 4.3

School: Carroll High School,  4524 Linden Ave. Dayton, OH 45432

Athletic Director: Scott Molfenter

Parents: John and Gina McNamara

Sibling/s: Caterina and Emma

Favorite Penn Station Restaurant:  Kettering

Favorite Penn Station Sandwich: Cheesesteak

Extracurricular Activities: Soccer, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, House Captain and Student Council

Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series

Role Model: My Grandpa

Sports Role Model: Abby Wambach

Greatest Achievement So Far: Being named Miami Valley Player of the Year two years in a row for soccer.

Plans After High School: I am going to play college soccer at Wake Forest University and plan to study business.   

How has participating in high school athletics benefited you?

I have made many new friendships and memories that will last a life time.

What made you decide to play the sport for which you were named the Penn Station Athlete of the Month? I fell in love with soccer at a young age and enjoy being part of a team and competing with my friends by my side.

Quote from Athletic Director: “We are very proud of Abby’s accomplishments on and off the field.  She leads by example and is an outstanding role model for the students at Carroll High School.”  -Scott Molfenter, Athletic Director

Quote from Principal: “Abby’s athletic gifts and tremendous work ethic make her a star on the field. However, it is her extraordinary character and leadership that makes her special.”  – Matt Sableski, Principal

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