Reds Opening Day Lineup // Reds vs Cards 4:10pm on 1410 WING-AM

We are getting closer and closer to the Reds and Cardinals Opening Day matchup right here on 1410 WING-AM. The first Reds lineup of the year is out and there is a lot to like.

  • How about Joey Votto batting third in todays lineup. There were some question marks regarding his readiness for the start to the season following his fight with COVID during Spring Training. Joey Votto was having a very good spring before missing time. We are hopeful that he can pick up where he left off weeks ago.


  • Jesse Winker leading off is an interesting surprise – The Reds have been looking for a reliable lead off hitter for years and although Winker is one of the Reds best hitters, it is hard to have a reliable lead off hitter that you have to take out of the game every time a lefty is on the mound.


  • Jonathan India will make his Major League debut today when he starts at 2nd and bats 7th in the order – India’s rookie start at second base on Opening Day will be the first at that possition since Pete Rose debuted at 2nd for the Reds back in 1963