Thursday Update: Governor DeWine Announces Dates for Next Round of Reopenings

Update on Cases

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest report shows the state now has 22,131 total cases of COVID-19 with 1,271 total deaths. 4,140 Ohioans have been hospitalized from the coronavirus; 1,167 have been admitted into the intensive care unit.

Over 175,000 Ohioans have now been tested for COVID-19. The Buckeye State has a positive test rate of around 12.6%.



Barber and Beauty Shops to Open Soon

Governor Mike DeWine spoke about a working group that was put together together to look at best practices for reopening barbershops, hair salons, day spas, nail salons, and other services. The reopening date for these services will be May 15.

Customers will be expected to wait in their car and or outside until their appointment. Ohioans will not be permitted to bring anyone with them unless they must bring their children. Cosmetologists and barbers will wear masks.

You can view the complete list of Personal Service reopening guidelines right here.

Bars and Restaurants to Open Soon

The Governor also announced that bars and restaurants will soon reopen. He says those businesses will be able to reopen on May 15 for outdoor dining and begin dine-in service on May 21.

Reopening guidelines will include the requirement of physical barriers between parties. Regulations will lean more on barriers instead of crowd limits.

You can view the complete list of Personal Service reopening guidelines right here.

Ohio Economy is Reopened

Lt. Governor Jon Husted says 89% of the state’s economy will be open after retail stores reopen early next week. That number will jump to 92.5% once the next rounds of reopenings take place, on May 15 and 21.

Husted says that the reopenings do not mean a quick recovery for the state economy. He says projections show some businesses might not financially recover from the shut downs until the end of the year, if not longer.

Message to those who aren’t “high risk”

With most of the state’s businesses soon to be reopened, the Governor had a message to Ohioans under the age of 60 with no medical problems.

“We look at the numbers for people your age and without medical problems,” DeWine said. The death rate is low but there are some things we do know. People your age can get awfully, awfully sick. Some do die. You have it within your power not only to impact your family but other families as well. You might not be concerned with what happens to you, but you should be careful for others. Wear a mask for others.”

“High Risk Operation”

While the state continues to reopen, Governor DeWine says these decisions are a gamble.

“This is a good day as we continue to reopen Ohio, but this is a high-risk operation,” said DeWine. “It would be high-risk if we didn’t do anything, if we sat back and said we can’t do anything.”

Governor DeWine asks all Ohioans to make these calculated risks and good judgments.

“Your decisions will help our economy and keep others safe,” said DeWine. “I am optimistic we can do this. We are Ohioans. We’re going to get through this. I look forward to many, many days in the future as we continue to open other sectors and as we continue to take care of each other.”

“Box it in” Recovery Method

Dr. Amy Acton with the Ohio Department of Health says rapid public health action can box in COVID-19 and reopen society.