Don’t worry you still have a few weeks before Mother’s Day and it’s not too late.  Need some help? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. Of course you need help or you wouldn’t have clicked on this post. Ask almost any mom and she will tell you that Mother’s Day is about QUALITY TIME with her kids. Life is busy, young kids are always at a game, practice, school or friends house,  and big kids, well they are either teens (need we say more) or adults that have their own lives. Nonetheless, it’s really the only day of the year mom asks to solely be about her. And no, birthday’s don’t count because typically she makes the cake, if there even is one! Let’s take a moment and think here, and before you go buy something mindless like a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, a card or some other cliché gift here are some WAAAAYYY better ideas… ( And might we add, WAY more thoughtful ideas!)

Plant Mom’s Flowers– Instead of buying some overpriced bouquet that will die in 3 days, plant mom’s flower beds with flowers for the whole season and even seasons to come! Yard work is hard and flower beds are beautiful, so take that burden off her and plant a big seed in her heart. ( We know, we tasted the cheese on that comment.)

Have a Photo Shoot– It doesn’t have to be by a professional,  get dressed up and go somewhere fun or beautiful or both and take pictures! Have someone you know take them or just take selfies, it doesn’t matter because it’s about the memories and the fun you have doing it!

Bust Out Home Movies– Hopefully you had those old movies turned digital, however if your like our family, we just keep an old VCR around for these moments. Make some popcorn, break out some snacks and enjoy all the laughs, the tears, and mostly mom’s face as she reminisces her babies…

Want to add something extra? Here are two great ideas…

Take Mom to a Show Cirque du Soleil’s “Corteo” at the Nutter Center ends its Dayton run Mother’s Day weekend. It’s the story of a dreamlike parade imagined by clown. Seen by more than 8 million people, if your mom like whimsical, this if your ticket. While this show would scare the $%&# out of us, we bet you’re mom will love it! Click here for tickets 

Baby Animals with their MommasMother’s Day at the Columbus Zoo. Nothing is cuter than fur babies with their mommas. Let us say that again, there is nothing cuter than fur babies with their momma! That’s why every social media post of fur babies with momma has a billion likes.  Plus, it’s FREE FOR MOM’S & GRANDMA’S on MOTHER’S DAY with child admission! Click for Columbus Zoo


In conclusion, it’s all about the time spent with mom on Mother’s Day. Make dinner with her instead of taking her out, go hiking with her if she enjoys the outdoors, do each others nails instead of buying her a gift card to get them done. You get the idea. We hope.