Wednesday Update: Nearly All Daily Figures Below 21 Day Average

Update on Cases

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest report shows the state now has 25,721 total cases of COVID-19. Ohio had 47 newly reported deaths, increasing the state’s overall death toll to 1,438. 4,618 Ohioans have been hospitalized from the coronavirus while 1,248 were admitted into the intensive care unit.

Daily Averages Looking Good!

Out of the four main statistics covered by the state’s department of health, only today’s daily death total was above the 21 day average. The 47 new fatalities were just five ahead of the 42 deaths-per-day average. The 471 new cases, 79 new hospitalizations and 16 new ICU admissions were all below their respected 21 day averages.

More Testing!

Once again, the state of Ohio has administered over 8,000 new tests in the past 24 hours. Governor Mike DeWine has been on record saying the state’s goal was to be able to administer up to 12,000 tests a day by mid-May. DeWine said recently that he feels Ohio is still well on pace to do do that.

Overall, more than 224,000 Ohioans have now been tested for COVID-19. Ohio has a positive test rate of around 11.4%, a number that continues to drop as testing capacity grows. Just a few weeks ago, the Buckeye State had a positive test rate of nearly 15%.