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Every once in a long while an athlete or player shows up in a city that is down on their luck and stuck in the gloom of losing, a city where it’s never sunny or warm and just like that, the sun comes out and the people start talking large… welcome Baker Mayfield to Cleveland…. This one guy so hated by Ohio fans for jamming a flag into the 50 yard line at Ohio State has now become the golden boy, the pied piper, The Mayor and Dog Catcher of Cleveland , Ohio for what he did in just 7 games last year… Baker has given this city hope and some swagger it hasn’t had since Bernie Kosar was slinging it around…. of course now the question is, can he continue his magic run or will all of his new toys turn to trash?

That question is still to be seen but for now, what this guy has done for one city is a story made in Hollywood and whether you like him or his Browns, it’s a story that makes sports what it is…

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